15th April 2014

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Back in the office with Tay this Tuesday! In this week’s episode, we introduce our new intern - Milk Dud, Bean Dip debriefs us on what’s hot in the Podcast world, and Al name drops his boy Oli Sykes. 

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14th April 2014

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In this episode of Record Selection Zack from Superheaven (previously Daylight) took us to Siren Records in Doylestown, PA. We gave him $50 to spend and he talked us through some records he has been into. 

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8th April 2014

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On this week’s episode of Tuesdays with Tay, we have two British guest hosts, Crab and Ronan from Basement. Watch them answer your questions whilst drinking a lot of rum and dressed in tweed!

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25th March 2014

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On this week’s Tuesdays with Tay, we talk about our favorite Tony Hawk songs, get hyped on Robin Williams and Tay decides to run for office!


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20th March 2014

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Here’s a new episode of Off The Radar episode with Kimi Hanauer. Kimi is an amazing artist who also plays in Adventures and Lilith. She stopped by the office whilst on tour and recommend us some great people and projects to check out.

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18th March 2014

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We were away for SXSW last week, but we’re back with a new episode of TWT. Tay finds out that there’s only one ‘L’ in ‘Australia’, Jeff and Tom are back in the game, and the whole office transforms into a family friendly sitcom.

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4th March 2014

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Great episode of Tuesdays with Tay this week, Tay does the worm, Al pranks a couple, we re-enact a great movie scene and Tay tries to learn London slang. It’s bare good!

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25th February 2014

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Taylor from Daylight hosted this weeks TWT and talks about his favorite smells, cruise tours, advice for getting a prom date and words or wisdom for Justin Bieber.

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18th February 2014

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Thanks for the great questions this week! As a result we have a great episode from your favorite mail order guru.

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4th February 2014

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Things getting heated in the office this week, backflips, push ups and body shots.

Peep it.

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28th January 2014

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Today’s episode is up. The office discuss their favorite 90’s sitcoms, N64 games and Dane thinks he would survive in prison.

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24th January 2014

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Video Re-Cap

In case you missed it we launched a new video series called 'Off The Radar', you watch the first episode here.

We did a Small Talk with Kitty Pryde that you can watch here.

And this week’s Tuesdays with Tay is online here.

At the moment Alex is in Philadelphia filming some new episodes of Record Selection and Gear Talk. So make sure you subscribe to the RFC Youtube Channel to keep up to date with all our new content.

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21st January 2014

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1 year of Tuesdays with Tay.

Tay talks about Chinese burritos, movies that make us cry and advice to get a prom date!

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14th January 2014

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This week we learn about Tay’s tongue disability and dig deep into everyone’s Nu-Metal roots. Peep it! 

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7th January 2014

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Took a break. Now he’s back. Tuesdays with Tay. Episode 50.

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