17th June 2014

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There’s a lot to learn from this weeks Tuesdays with Tay: Tay thinks back to the first time he forced his dad to give him “the talk”, Bean Dip gives his advice on recording a demo and sheds light on pressing exclusive colored vinyl, and Dane talks you through how to start skateboarding.

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22nd April 2014

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On this week’s episode of TWT we discuss the following - licking toads, Anthony Fantano, Record Store Day, Bill Murray, bar fights and Beandip’s (Taz’s) desk.

Leave us a question for next week’s episode, and comment on the video letting us know what you think!

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14th April 2014

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In this episode of Record Selection Zack from Superheaven (previously Daylight) took us to Siren Records in Doylestown, PA. We gave him $50 to spend and he talked us through some records he has been into. 

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8th April 2014

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On this week’s episode of Tuesdays with Tay, we have two British guest hosts, Crab and Ronan from Basement. Watch them answer your questions whilst drinking a lot of rum and dressed in tweed!

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25th March 2014

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On this week’s Tuesdays with Tay, we talk about our favorite Tony Hawk songs, get hyped on Robin Williams and Tay decides to run for office!


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19th March 2014

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A lot of people always ask us what the guys in Daylight use to get their great guitar tones and so we sat down with Tay and got him to run us through the gear he uses live. 

Daylight are currently on tour with Bayside, so go check them out at a show near you. Dates can be found here - http://tinyurl.com/latyz9k

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18th March 2014

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We were away for SXSW last week, but we’re back with a new episode of TWT. Tay finds out that there’s only one ‘L’ in ‘Australia’, Jeff and Tom are back in the game, and the whole office transforms into a family friendly sitcom.

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4th March 2014

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Great episode of Tuesdays with Tay this week, Tay does the worm, Al pranks a couple, we re-enact a great movie scene and Tay tries to learn London slang. It’s bare good!

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27th February 2014

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We always appreciate your feedback on our videos and we had seen people wanting the Gear Talk series to include live playing of instruments and pedals. So we went to Daylight’s practice spot and got Jake to run through the gear he uses live. We can’t promise all Gear Talk videos will be like this but we are trying our best to make them all as informative as possible. Enjoy!

Make sure you go see Daylight on tour with Bayside in March, dates are here 

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25th February 2014

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Taylor from Daylight hosted this weeks TWT and talks about his favorite smells, cruise tours, advice for getting a prom date and words or wisdom for Justin Bieber.

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9th December 2013

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Koji, Daylight and Man Overboard are touring Japan this week!

Koji, Daylight and Man Overboard are touring Japan this week!

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3rd December 2013

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Alex gets a haircut, the office shares their favourite Home Alone quotes and Tay tries to help someone get a girlfriend.

It’s Tuesdays with Tay!

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27th November 2013

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25th November 2013

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Here’s some funny outtakes from Daylight’s new music video for ‘No One’s Deserving’

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21st November 2013

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Here is my most recent video that I shot for Daylight. This was super fun to make, and was the first time I really had to direct scenes and people ‘acting’. We wanted to try something really different with a strong narrative theme. I had brainstormed the idea with Matt and Taylor a while back and we just developed it further until we had this strange treatment for a black comedy music video.

Let me know if you dig it. 

New video for Daylight’s ‘No Ones Deserving’ by Al Hen.  Peep now over @ Noisey - http://noisey.vice.com/blog/daylight

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